Gas Leaks

Emergency Services for gas leaks

Gas leaks are dangerous. First of all they pose a fire hazard, and secondly they can be extremely toxic to your children and pets in inhaled. It is recommended that gas leaks in your home or business receive immediate attention.

Luckily for you we have an emergency service for gas leaks which makes us available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can even call us on christmas day and we can still have someone sent to your home.

You Can Contact Us Immediately on 0417 842 221

In the mean time we can advise you of the measure you can take to keep you and your family as safe as possible. We recommend you take the following precautions while you wait for one of our experts to arrive (and don't worry, they won't leave you waiting long).

- Turn off all gas appliances and pilot lights

- If you know how to, turn off the gas supply at the meter

- Open your doors and windows to limit the amount of gas being inhaled

Our experts receive the best training in gas leak repairs and are fully licensed to carry out their job. They are also kept up to date with industry safety standards.

Why choose us to repair your gas leaks?

1. Our company prides itself on it Professionalism and Honesty. We will get all gas leaks in your home fixed pronto, and we won't take advantage of the situation and over charge you. Instead you will pay a price that's reasonable and fair.

2. We have been in the business for 12 Years, so we are definitely not amateurs when it comes to gas leaks.

3. Unless in the case of emergency, we will charge you a $0 Call Out Fee to inspect your problem, come up with the best solution, and quote you a fair price. We guarantee you an Efficient and Accurate assessment.

4. After fixing your problem, we will provide you with a follow-up call to make sure everything is okay and that you don't have any further questions to ask.

Are gas leaks causing you troubles? Do you have an emergency? Call us now on 0417 842 221 and we will tend to the problem as soon as possible, all at a fair price.